Havana Coffee Book Gift Set

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This gift set is your passport to feel the evolution of New Zealand's coffee culture. Uncover the captivating tale of how coffee rose from the shadows of the 60s' and 70s', captivating the nation's taste buds, and setting the stage for Havana Coffee Works' legacy.

This carefully curated set intertwines the gripping storytelling of the Havana Coffee Works book with the exquisite taste of the X Blend.

The Havana Coffee Book Gift Set includes:

  • 1x Havana Coffee Works Book: Immerse yourself in the roller-coaster journey of Geoff Marsland, the "Coffee Baron" who ignited a coffee revolution. This vivid narrative captures the heart and soul of coffee culture's transformation in New Zealand.

  • 1x 250g X Blend coffee bag (hand-packed in commercially compostable paper bag): Elevate your coffee experience with the X Blend, a tribute to innovation and flavor that mirrors the spirit of Havana Coffee Works.

X Blend (Grind)