Coffee & Chocolate Heaven Gift Set

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Elevate your coffee indulgence with this delicious treat. This gift set features the exquisite Five Star coffee blend, sumptuous Wellington Chocolate Factory & Havana Coffee Milk Chocolate, and the stylish Frank Green Reusable Cup in Black 6oz.

Taste the gourmet duet of cocoa and coffee with the Wellington Chocolate Factory & Havana Coffee Milk Chocolate. A culinary masterpiece that echoes the artistry of coffee and chocolate connoisseurs.

The Coffee & Chocolate Heaven Gift Set includes:

  • 1x 250g Five Star coffee bag (hand-packed in commercially compostable paper bags): Crafted with care, the Five Star blend is best described as a "chocolate brownie" and is one of our most loved blends.

  • 2x Wellington Chocolate Factory & Havana Coffee Milk Chocolate: Elevate your taste buds with the fusion of cocoa and coffee, a decadent treat that's an ode to indulgence.

  • 1x Frank Green Reusable Cup Black 6oz: Your eco-friendly companion, this sleek cup is a testament to style and sustainability. Sip in elegance wherever your coffee journey takes you!

Five Star (Grind)
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