Cafe Equipment Checklist Preview

Launch a Successful Café

Havana Coffee offers exceptional coffee and top-notch service. Get access to our comprehensive coffee training, equipment, and essential supplies.

Exceptional Quality

Access to ethically sourced, high-quality coffees that are roasted to perfection.

Diverse Coffee Offerings

Wide-ranging options of premium single origin and blended coffees, with the flexibility for custom blends tailored to specific needs.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond coffee supply, Havana offers comprehensive training, equipment, and ongoing maintenance support from a team of dedicated technicians.

Commitment to Sustainability

Partnering with a company deeply embedded in ethical practices, from pioneering the Real Trade model to introducing environmentally friendly initiatives like Ground for Good returnable cups.

Community of Passionate Coffee Lovers

Joining a passionate community of coffee enthusiasts dedicated to excellence and committed to delivering exceptional service nationwide.

Industry Experts

Benefit from over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience, positioning Havana as a leader in the coffee revolution, setting standards for quality, ethics, and innovation in New Zealand's coffee culture.

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