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Embark on the ultimate coffee exploration with our Adventure Blends Bundle! This exquisite collection features 3 packs x 250g of our finest blends: Five Star, Krazy, and Pacifica.

  • Five Star: Indulge in the luxurious flavour profile of Five Star, our top-rated blend that exudes richness and sophistication. With notes of dark chocolate and velvety caramel, this blend is truly a five-star delight!
  • Krazy: Elevate your coffee ritual with Krazy, a bold and captivating blend known for its enticing hints of chocolate and toffee milk. Juicy, full-bodied, and totally satisfying... Oh la la!
  • Pacifica: Experience Pacifica, a deep comforting blend with with precious Tanna Island coffee beans, featuring wild vanilla, rich cacao, and honeycomb notes.

Each bundle includes tasting cards to explore the unique flavours of each coffee.

Available in: Beans, Domestic Espresso, Filter, Plunger.

Pacifica (Grind)
Krazy (Grind)
Five Star (Grind)