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The ultimate way to kick-start your coffee adventure with our Best of Blends Bundle! Includes 3 packs x 250g of our delicious coffee blends: Five Star, Super Deluxe, and X Blend.

  • Five Star: Indulge in the luxurious flavour profile of Five Star, our top-rated blend that exudes richness and sophistication. With notes of dark chocolate and velvety caramel, this blend is truly a five-star delight!
  • Super Deluxe: Elevate your coffee ritual with Super Deluxe, a premium blend known for its smooth body and tantalising hints of caramel and mocha.
  • X Blend: Experience X Blend, this coffee is sophisticated, hard-core and satisfying. A complex taste makes it a great kick start to the day!

Each bundle includes tasting cards to explore the unique flavours of each coffee.

Available in: Beans, Domestic Espresso, Filter, Plunger.

X Blend (Grind)
Super Deluxe (Grind)
Five Star (Grind)