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Indulge in our irresistible Cocoa Craze Bundle, where delicious chocolate flavours await! This bundle includes 3 packs x 250g of our top-notch coffees: Five Star, Bolivian, and Nicaraguan.
  • Five Star: Treat yourself to the unrivaled goodness of Five Star, a best-selling blend that embodies the essence of a luscious chocolate brownie. With an extraordinary depth of flavor and a full-bodied, chocolatey finish, this blend will captivate you with its unparalleled quality and crowd-pleasing charm.
  • Bolivian: Discover the hidden gem of organic Bolivian coffee from the captivating mountain regions. Prepare to be delighted by enchanting notes of raw cacao, sweet black tea, and caramelized tropical fruits - a true treat cherished by our team.
  • Nicaraguan: Embark on an exquisite adventure with our revolutionary Nicaraguan coffee. Experience the rich dark chocolate, caramel malt biscuit, and sweet red apple notes that bring a sense of empowerment with every sip - join the red star movement with this radical coffee.
Each bundle includes tasting cards to explore the unique flavours of each coffee.

Available in: Beans, Domestic Espresso, Filter, Plunger.
Five Star (Grind)
Bolivian (Grind)
Nicaraguan (Grind)