Rhino Thumpa Knockout Tube - Small

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The Bench Top Waste Tube stands at 300mm tall and is designed for commercial-grade durability and stability. Engineered with the same robustness as its taller counterpart, the Thumpa, this compact knockout tube is ideal for domestic use, promising to withstand hits, bashes, and drops without fail. Crafted from high shock-resistant plastics, the Thumpa's durability is unmatched, ensuring reliability even under demanding conditions.

Featuring a flared collar to capture excess splatters and a removable top for easy emptying or use with a waste bag, the Bench Top Waste Tube offers convenience and cleanliness. The slotted bar inserts allow for effortless removal of the rod and rubber set, facilitating quick cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, a hole in the top enables you to clip a cloth for enhanced workflow and cleanliness.

Product Details:

  • Height: 300mm
  • Width of Collar: 225mm
  • Width of Base: 220mm
  • Length of Knock Bar: 200mm
  • Length of Rubber Cover: 157mm
  • Weight: 2kg
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