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Discover the timeless excellence of the Hario V60, a filter coffee dripper renowned for its unparalleled brew quality. With a swifter and cleaner brew cycle compared to its counterparts, the V60 promises a cup of coffee that boasts less bitterness and heightened sweetness, elevating your coffee experience to new heights.

Crafted with a conical shape, this dripper ensures an even saturation of your coffee grounds, minimising the risk of over-extraction and enhancing flavor clarity. Inside the cone, strategically contoured ridges facilitate optimal aeration around the filter paper, accentuating the natural sweetness and acidity of your brew.

Elegantly designed and built to last, the V60 is made from sturdy ceramic, offering both durability and style to your brewing ritual. This manual pour-over device is capable of brewing up to 400ml of coffee at a time and requires compatible conical-shaped filters for optimal performance.

Need filters for your V60? Find them here.

Color — White
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